Concrete Boatbuilding

Ferro cement is a super strong 3/4" thick fireproof material used for boat hulls, consisting of a mixture of sand and cement plastered over a wire framework. It is cheaper and easier than conventional boat-building techniques and very few special tools are needed. This is a textbook on building a ferro cement boat where the authors share details of their considerable experience. There is a fine concise section on how to build, and chapters on reinforcing, mortar mixing, and finish work.
Ferro cement should work well on land... let us know if you hear of any F. C. domes.
[Lloyd Kahn, The Last Whole Earth Catalog, p.105]

1. The Slow Development of Cement and Concrete
2. The Background of Ferro-cement
3. Other Methods of Reinforcing Boats
4. Ferro-Cement versus Wood, Steel and Fiberglass Boats
5. Some Case Histories of Ferro-Cement Boats
6. Setting up the Reinforcing
7. Mixing the Mortar



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